Self Respect

Never trade your self respect for love, you had done enough, enough of apologies for the mistakes you’ve not committed, enough of unanswered calls,enough of humilation, enough of compromises and enough of killing your self respect. Now STOP!!! Stop investing your self worth in a place where you’ll get only humilation, they will not treat […]

Work Hard

Get up! Put on your shoes and start walking on the path which leads to your dreams!! Leave the sorrows and tears on your pillow, chin up, you’re the most powerful creation of the maker. They left you it was their choice, you loved it was your choice, if it is paining it is natural. […]


The world does not care how soft how caring how good of a man you’re. They judge you by how much money you make in a month, how big your house is, in fact do you won a house at least. They do not care for how helpful you’re, they will call you when they […]

How to deal with BREAK-UP

Break ups are really sad and heart breaking, emotionally painful. After breaking up with someone, most peoples first try to erase the memories. But, relationships are just volumes of memories, no one can find a way for a selective amnesia, it can not be like someone wants to delete some memories of a certain date […]

Wake Up!!!!

Wake up!! It’s your day. For today stay away from all the thoughts and care you’ve for those who left you, for those who have been insulting you and out of your feelings you have been trying more than enough. The next 24 hours live for yourself, live for your dreams, live for your existence. […]

Quote #50

No one can motivate you to do your work, except the fear of losing your value, losing your respect, losing the woman you love and losing the friends you’ve, ten years from today!!