Forgive others to build self-confidence

The most important step of achieving self confidence is to FORGIVE. Forgiveness does not mean to forget what someone has done to you, but to accept whatever has happened, and stop blaming others for your present situation. Blaming your parents for not providing you good education or not supporting you in your ventures will not […]


Anger is like the fire , and fire can never creates it only burns and destroys. In our professional as well as personal life, anger is the most dangeous enemy. Sometimes in relationships we say something in anger without thinking about the impact it will have on our partner or family and friends, words are […]

How To Stop Worrying

One of my friend always asks me if she will die soon, every time I try my best to tame her worries but the next day she again start to worry. I guess each one of us have this habit of worrying more or less. In the words of Mel Robbins , we were taught […]

Self Contentment, is this good or bad

My grandfather used to tell, “to be happy one has to be satisfied with whatever he or she has”. But in today’s competative world is this correct? What I feel is NO! Satisfaction is good , and it is the soul approach in spirituality. But in a world where we have family , wife /husband […]