What Causes The Aroma Of Rain

Hi folks! The aroma of the soil that spreads around when the drops of first rain after a long dry period pour on the soil. I just love it. But what causes that distinctive smell which I guess most of us likes?? This aroma is known as “Petrichor” and is contributed by number of factors, […]

Photic Sun Reflex

Do you sneeze whenever you look at the sun?? If yes then you’re among the 18 to 35% of peoples who has this syndrome. This is called “Photic Sneeze Reflex” also Autosomal Compelling Helio-Ophtalmic Outbrust, simply ACHOO. Greek philosopher Aristotle in 325BCE mentioned this in THE BOOK OF PROBLEMS. “Why does the heat of the […]

The Most Annoying Sound

That sound of water drops falling in the sink when there’s water or any utensil, at night this really makes me annoyed and I guess many of you find this quite annoying when breaking the silence of the dark and cold night water drops keep fluttering in your sink or washroom. What actually causes the […]

Cycle Of Water In Four Steps

Water is very essential, thank god we still have it. But how it never ends even after we use it waste it so badly. There comes the cyclic process of water. Step 1: It all starts with evaporation, because of the sun’s heat the water changes from liquid state to gaseous, becomes lighter and goes […]

Chemistry Of Your Jeans

Looking at your nice blue pair of denim, have you ever wondered what is it made of , what is behind the the beautiful blue colour and thick fabric? “Denim” is a traditional way of weaving cotton into a thick , sturdy material. Cotton is mostly cellulose , a strong polymer of beta D glucose […]